Strings Attached Relationship

4 Things to Consider Before Getting Into a No Strings Attached Relationship

No doubt it is fun and convenient to have a no strings attached relationship. In order to have fun, you don’t need to invest too much into it. No strings attached relationship is fun, but it is not for everyone. Most of the people cannot handle the delicacy of this relationship.

The Basics

Your pseudo-relationship is revolving around sex and the topic of your conversation will remain the same. Generally, the topic of conversation is about the most pleasurable position and new sex toys in the market.

In this kind of relationship,you cannot ask your playmate about his or her favorite food or favoritecolor? You cannot discuss future dreams or anything related to family. In this kind of relationship where no strings are attached and no feelings are involved, the relationship is merely like an agreement to have sex. In case you want to have more than sex, then it will be considered as a violation of your agreement. If you are willing to get into this kind of relationship, then please visit

Develop Feelings

You are not a machine and it is not possible for you to switch on and switch off with the push of a button. When you are hooking up with someone you are attracted to, you need to distinguish between feelings and lust. After all,physical attraction also plays a significant role when you are considering someone for a romantic evening.

Respect Your Partner

Your partner is hooking up with you without wanting anything too serious. This can bring him or her into a different situation as compared to other people you have been with or have had a relationship with. This kind of relationship is simply to have fun and to make it more interesting. You can involve in meaningful conversations and other fun activities. You both can go out for a walk and play a sport on the beach. Your partner is having fun with you without any strings attached; but it doesn’t mean you can take them for granted. Treat him or her in the best way possible and give respect to your partner. In this kind of relationship, you will experience companionship, but this is not love, this is simply a couple of fun moments spent together which are full of lust.

Keep it clean

It is perfectly all right to discuss with your partner about the possibilities of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. It is imperative on your part to make sure that he or she does not have any kind of disease. You’re supposed to do it before you involve yourself in the act. Furthermore, pregnancy is something which most of the people face who do not use protection. You don’t want yourself to be in this unwanted situation that is why it is imperative to plan in advance. You can also discuss in advance with your partner what to do in this kind of situation. Basically, do not forget to wear the protection whenever you need it. As you are not in a committed relationship with your partner, you cannot ask your partner not to have a sexual relationship with anyone other than you.

If you’re searching for a partner no strings attached relationship then give it a try, who knows you might think it’s the best thing to happen to you in a long time.


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